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Motherhood, a connection I’m most passionate about capturing! As a Mama and a photographer I’m constantly thinking about what childhood will encompass for my three sweet girls. The memories they’ll have of our days at home together dancing in the living room, painting together, and drawing cute little houses with trees that *must have a swing included. I desire to gift them with the precious gift of photos of me with them, loving on them, all together and individually (that one might be the most important one.)  I hope that when they look back at their childhood they remember my warm embrace and the way that I love to play with their hair. OH how I wish I could bottle up their precious soft cheeks that I love to kiss a million times a day.  MOTHERHOOD…what an incredible gift.

So I leave you today with these beautiful photos of, Jenny with her daughter, Elizabeth.  She’s planned a special session with just the two of them every year for five years and has displayed them on beautiful canvases on the walls of Elizabeth’s bedroom. I love that!2016-09-07_00442016-09-07_00452016-09-07_00462016-09-07_00472016-09-07_00482016-09-07_00492016-09-07_00502016-09-07_00512016-09-07_00522016-09-07_00532016-09-07_00542016-09-07_00552016-09-07_00562016-09-07_00572016-09-07_00582016-09-07_00592016-09-07_0060


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