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About the artist


I’m a southern gal, who loves Jesus and my sweet little family to the moon—my hunk of a husband, Jim, and my three beautiful daughters, Harper, Hollis and our newest addition, Hadden Faith! Being creative is my outlet, my way of expressing myself. What a joy it is for me to use photography, painting, and apparel design as a source of creativity! I can’t seem to pick just one ;-).

What I love about photography
I love moments between loved ones captured in a beautiful way. I love portrait sessions as an art form, not super put together or fussy. But always with gorgeous light and sweet moments.
I love the photos that you look back on and instantly feel flooded with warm fuzzies—a mama’s sweet hug from her little one, a romantic kiss between husband and wife, a reminder of how tiny your sweet newborn was in your arms, laughter between siblings. These are the moments I believe are worth capturing, and the kind that I want hanging on my walls!
As a photographer, I look for these moments, I wait for these moments, and I find the perfect light and composition to capture these moments.

What I love about blogging
I enjoy blogging about what Jesus is teaching me—often it’s through motherhood. I love being a cheerleader for and encouraging other Christian women. My sweet husband is a Pastor and ministry is our life. We started The Paradox Church in our living room 4.5 years ago, and what a grace it’s been to us. I can’t fathom the grace of God that he would allow us to be a part of his important work in the church. We see him do big things through others and for others, and there could be no greater blessing. Praise him from whom all blessings flow!Wait?! You design apparel as well?
Yes! I started, “Seed” a handmade, screen printed apparel business two years ago in the midst of having a new baby and being sleep deprived. Remember how I said that I LOVE being creative? When I didn’t have the energy to get up and shoot with my camera, I chose to sit on my tush during baby nap-times and sketch designs that would eventually make their way onto baby onesies and t-shirts! This means I run TWO businesses. But don’t fret. This business owner of nearly 10 years knows just what she can handle. I get a lot of joy out of my two part-time businesses, and I LOVE being a full-time stay at home mama! Hopefully all to the glory of God.


Heather has been creating gorgeous images that we hope
inspire you, and take you right back to that special time.